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Zetec Motor

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Are you in search of Zetec engines? Then your search ends here. We are reputed source to get top quality Zetec engines with all its varieties. Zetec is not a single engine but a family of engines with inline four cylinders in it. Zetec motor is designed by ‘Ford’, which is a renowned carmaker company. It was first introduced in 1992 in cars like Ford Fiesta and Mandeo. Zetec is a popular brand of engines used in many cars. These engines are seen with different horsepower ranging from 90 to 130 and more.

The Zetec engines are known for their long lasting and reliability. Zetec power is its one of the features for its popularity. Zetec tuning can help in improving performance of your vehicle. While tuning your Zetec engines, two things are very important to take care of. They are–

  • using correct grade of engine oil – Choosing correct grade of engine oil helps in keeping engine efficient.
  • Changing rod bolts – Many owners observed that a particular weak point of Zetec engines is the rod bolts. Replacing these rod bolts is not difficult job.

The Largest Zetec Engine Network

Checking these things are essential for tuning Zetec engines. You can take care of these things to maintain Zetec engine and get good performance from it.

You can find different Zetec engines like 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 egines. If you are looking for Zetec crate engine, browse our online inventory and find many crate engines for you. We are associated with more than 200 salvage yards to fetch quality Zetec engines for you. You need not go to salvage yards to waste your time in finding these engines. Besides that, we check all these engines before sale. These engines are checked for quality and performance according to OE specifications. You can get true value to your money when you are buying Zetec engine with us.

Zetec 2.0 engine is used in many cars. You will find several 2.0 Zetec engines in our store. We have large network of dealers and suppliers to provide prompt services. You can avail free shipping and handling when you are buying engines with us. We provide excellent warranties and services to our customers.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal in our long services in this field. It is very easy job to find perfect Zetec engine and buy it online. You can browse through catalog of Zetec engines and compare different engines and their prices to select right engine for your vehicle.

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