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2.0 Zetec Engine

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Do you know that one of the popular engines developed by Ford is Zetec engine? It was so popular engine that Ford decides to continue this name for high-tech 4 cylinder engines. Earlier its name was Zeta. However, because of trademark infringement, it was changed to Zetec. Zetec engines are inline 4 cylinder engines used in many cars. First Zetec engines were introduced in 1992 in Ford Escort, Mandeo and Focus cars. The range of Zetec engines is seen from 1.6L to 2.0L engines with different horsepowers.

There are many features of Zetec engines. If you go through Zetec engine specs, you will find some of its features like –

  • It is 2.0L inline engine with dual overhead cams known as DOHC.
  • It has four valves in each cylinder; hence, it is 16-valve engine.
  • Its crankshaft is supported with five bearings.
  • Its compression ratio is 9:6:1.
  • Its cylinder bore is 84.8mm and crankshaft stroke is 88mm. So its actual displacement is 1988cc.
  • It has output of 130 horsepower at 5300 rpm.
  • It has speed revolution limiter to avoid over speeding and damages to internal parts.

The Largest Zetec Engine Network

These Zetec engine specs tell about its power and performance. Though Zetec engines family contains various engines with horsepower ranging from 90 to 130 and more.

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